Our Goal Is To Not Only Meet Your Expectations, But To Exceed Them!

Whether you need your hotel kept in immaculate condition for your guests, need help maintaining a perfectly hygienic environment to protect the health and safety of the gym – goers who frequent your facility, or just need help cleaning up the mess after successfully hosting an event, we are your go-to solution for all of your commercial cleaning needs.

Please take a look at our professional commercial cleaning services to find out how we can help you achieve and exceed your standards.

List Of Cleaning Services

Reliable Property Management Cleaning Services

We know how it goes for property managers – no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you need to be in five other places and doing ten other things at the same time. Free up your time to focus on the things that matter and let us alleviate at least one of your concerns: we will keep your properties spotless!

Industrial Cleaning Services

Lack of cleanliness can altogether halt production in an industrial environment, and that’s something we just don’t allow to happen. Our professional industrial cleaning service handles the major cleanliness and health issues and the minor details, and everything in between. We help you to keep your staff safe and productive, and keep your establishment running at full operational capacity. Let us handle your toughest cleaning challenges.

Auto Dealership Cleaning Services

In order for you to showcase your inventory most effectively, your dealership must be pristine. We will keep your facilities sparkling, just like your vehicles, to leave a lasting impression on your potential clients and facilitate that sale!

Hotel & Resort Cleaning Services

Your guests expect perfection when they check into your hotel or resort. No one wants to take a vacation away from the demands of their home and find that the room in which they will be staying is less than spotless! Our staff pays meticulous attention to detail and leaves your hotel and resort absolutely spotless for a look that will keep your guests coming back.

Our licensed cleaners offer unbeatable results utilizing our high standard equipment. No more dealing with toxic chemicals or irritating fumes!

Sports Facility Cleaning Services

Impress both your athletes and your spectators with our all – encompassing sports facility cleaning service. We cover all areas, from bleachers to bathrooms to locker rooms to lobbies to the concessions area, and everything in between. Let the fans have their fun without concern for the state of the facility. Fight bacteria even on the ground!

Movie Theater Cleaning Services

Spilled drinks, scattered popcorn, candy wrappers for miles! The dark environment of a movie theater leaves plenty of opportunity for theater-goers to create a mess they can’t even see. Here at Popoff, we understand your struggle to maintain the cleanliness of your facilities, and we will come up with a customized schedule to meet the demands of your theater facility, whether you’re a booming 30-screen operation or a small-time, intimate establishment.

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Food service is an industry especially vulnerable to the effects of a facility that is anything less than under par. You are held to the utmost health and safety standards, and surprise inspections keep you on your toes at all times. Our staff is well-equipped to the handle the demanding cleanliness standards of your restaurant. Bring it on, health inspectors! We’ll keep you ready to pass your inspections with shining colors, and wow your guests every time. Clean the mess with Popoff style!

Retail Cleaning Services

The general public remembers things like messy or unclean facilities – in fact, it can be the factor that determines whether a consumer will visit your store a second time or write it off completely! That’s where we come in. You handle the retail goods and services, and we’ll handle the cleanliness.

Religious Facility & Church Cleaning Services

Your religious facility is a place for fellowship, for community and for people to make real, impactful connections. Keep your fellowship safe from germs and sickness with our professional cleaning services. Our services help you to engender an environment of worship and product services without the concern of cleanliness and health.

Medical and Dental Clinic Cleaning Services

Health, hygiene and cleanliness are of the utmost importance in your medical or dental clinic. Many people are coming to you because they are unwell – and they bring their germs with them as they seek your professional care. Protect your often already vulnerable patients and their health with our medical and dental service. We use the best products out there to fight back against the myriad challenges your office faces.

Gym or Fitness Center Cleaning Services

Anyone who runs a gym knows the importance of regularly cleaning and maintaining the facility. Your clients are there to get sweaty, and boy do they ever. We use nothing less than the highest quality cleaning products and materials to make sure the stink leaves with your clients and your facility stays pristine.

Bank Cleaning Services

Our professional bank cleaning service keeps your financial institution looking as professional and crisp as the services you provide to your customers and clientele. Your customers have placed their trust in you to handle something of utmost importance – their finances. Our robust cleaning services prevents that trust from being shaken by a less-than-pristine establishment. Let us take care of your bank or financial institution and keep your customers feeling safe.

Office Move In, Move Outs Cleaning

Moving offices is a huge undertaking on its own. But then you shift your desk one foot to the left, and only then do you realize you haven’t moved your desk in years – and the buildup of dust and random office debris show it! Let us handle the meticulous detail cleaning to leave your facility looking spotless.

Daycare and Private School Cleaning

When you are in a position in which parents have trusted their tiny little ones into your care, you feel the utmost responsibility to keep those little ones safe. Small children and their growing immune systems are especially subject to germs, bacteria and sickness. Let us help you take the best care possible of the little ones entrusted to you.

Office & Building Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Daily Service. Bigger offices and corporations have a lot to handle on a day-to-day basis. Let us handle the regular upkeep of your offices and keep your staff’s attention focused where you need it to be.

  • Weekly Service. Regularly upkeep and maintenance of your facilities will keep your staff safe and productive. Popoff cleaning staff will visit you weekly and perform their magic – leaving the space spotless and perfect!

  • Bi-Weekly Service. This package is better for smaller-scale companies with less foot traffic and a lesser need for hands-on daily cleaning. Our services will keep your office clean and safe with a deep cleaning twice every month.

  • Monthly Service. Deep detail cleaning once every month, perfect for small offices and companies.

  • One – Time Deep Clean. No stone left unturned! We scrub every inch of your office or facility with this one-time deep cleaning. Your facilities will look brand-spanking-new when we’re through with it!

After The Special Event And Private Party Clean

If you have a big event coming up, give us a call to handle the after–party cleanup. You should be able to focus on the details of your event without having to spend the day after cleaning the facility. You handle the fun, we’ll handle the mess! * Please give us 48 hours notice.


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